How to tell if your A DOLT Democrat..

1. When bush was in office you protested against the war.. Now it’s ok we are still at war and bombing other countries…

2. Bank theft under bush was the end of the world… Now mf global 1.2 billion theft… Solindra And the 3 other solar companies that went under soaking the us tax payer for 3 billion is ok under democrats.

3. Sheehan… Hmmm what she is not on CNN… Msnbc… Fox… Hmmm..

4. Soldier death count under Obama hmmmm it was on the news ever night.. Under Obama ((( 1700 killed under Obama )))

5. You listen to the Dolt Debbie wasserman!

6. You will buy anything the democrats say because you are a registered JackASS!!! Hook line and sinker especially the economy and numbers…


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